UV Tanning Services

Boca Tanning Club Brickell in Miami offers the best in UV and High Pressure Tanning. Offering their exclusive line of tanning beds and booths, you are guaranteed to come out with the most amazing golden glow possible. You have the choice of picking between our amazing Boca Beast Tanning Bed, our incredible, super fast, super strong, Boca Super Booth, or our Saturn High Pressure Booth, either way, you can't go wrong and you will always walk out looking beautiful. Read a little more about each bed/booth below:

Boca Tanning Club :: Boca Beast
Experience the best tanning has to offer in the revolutionary, 10 minute Boca Beast Laydown Tanning Bed. Boca Beast is built with facial tanners, shoulder tanners, aromate therapy, cooling misters, built-in air conditioning and satellite radio enabled.

Forget what you have been used to and come experience the future of tanning here today, ONLY at Boca Tanning Club.

Boca Tanning Club :: Boca Super Booth
Experience the best vertical tan around. Boca Super Booth offers the best, darkest and fastest vertical tan ever! In only 10 minutes you will be fabulous and bronze ready to hit the social scene in minutes.

360 Degrees of tanning with built-in internal fans to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your entire session.

Saturn High Pressure Tanning Booth :: The Saturn is one of the absolute best tan producing booths available today! It combines advanced technology and amazing power to create the darkest, deepest, longest lasting tan in fewer sessions.