About Us

Sometimes, a tan is just a tan. At Boca Tanning Club Brickell, it’s an experience that’s peppered with Zen-grade tranquility packaged up into a multi-sensory journey towards a better-looking you- morning, noon and night.

Boca Tanning Club Brickell believes in meeting everyone’s needs and demands for a tan. Let’s face it, Miami aesthetics count 24/7. And that’s part of our appeal. We are the one and only tanning salon open round-the-clock. We take the concept of tanning and looking your best to a whole new level. There’s sensory journey from the time you embark upon from the moment you step onto the bridge entry that welcomes you with water elements reminiscent of Balinese and Vietnamese temples amid an abundance of wild artwork and design details with infinite textures and dimensions. There’s mirror mosaic pieces, faux snakeskin doors and bamboo poles complemented by hallways speckled with river stones. Staring right at you are paintings of the creator of this Brickell tanning Mecca, Zurami Pascual.

Zurami is quite the sight, as well in person and on canvas. As an “elite” socialite, a “who’s who” philanthropist in the community of South Florida; and, owner and creator of this amazing masterpiece, Zurami will ensure day after day that your tanning experience will at all times surpass any expectation you may have. She has built up throughout the years thousands of friendships, connections and relationships with all the well known fundraising organizations in South Florida; reason why Boca Tanning Club Brickell is dedicated to sponsor many charity events and it donates a portion of its proceeds to various charitable organizations.

Ambiance aside, the real action happens in bed here. Boca Tanning Club Brickell takes takes the business of tanning very seriously as the only tanning salon in Florida with the most advanced and exclusive line of tanning equipment. The Boca Beast laydown bed gives customers several different options for tanning and includes music, aroma, mist and air conditioning. The same applies for the Boca Tower Stand up Booth which gives results in just 8 minutes. Looking for spray Tanning? How about a beautiful glow from the MagicTan Versa Spa Spray Machine? This unique and revolutionary machine offers three health and beauty treatment solutions to maximize your tanning results with even applications every time. Emerging orange is not an option.

Rooms in this salon are set up with towels and little perks including; Evian face spray, deodorants, body sprays, moist toilettes, and breath fresheners in case you got a date with destiny once your new tan sets in. We also carry fine lotions and skin moisturizers to give you an added glow. “Like many other things in life, with moderation and proper use, indoor tanning is not only safe but it actually has health benefits,” says Zurami, an advocate of smart tanning.”Ultraviolet light exposure from the sun or from and indoor tanning unit is essential for human health, and getting it in a non-burning fashion and controlled environment is that smartest way to enjoy the benefits.”

If you are concerned about the effects of indoor tanning in your skin. Zurami Pascual and her team of tanning pros assure there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Tan 101: With an estimated 30 million North Americans turning to tanning, we are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits associated with regular experience to sunlight and the importance of managing the risks.”

NO BURN: More people are turning to indoor tanning facilities to help attain their tans in a controlled, scientifically designed to minimize the risk of sunburns, which is the biggest concerns of sunbathers.

JUST RIGHT: Moderate tanning for individuals who can develop a tan is the smartest way to maximize the potential benefits of sun exposure while minimizing the potential risks associated with either too much or too little sunlight

COME IN: Indoor tanning is considered “smart tanning” because tanners are taught by trained personnel how skin types react to sunlight and how to avoid sunburn outdoors as well as in a salon.

“I wanted to bring the most elite tanning experience to Miami’s most affluent and socially up-and-coming area. Our goal has always been to establish the most elite and luxurious tanning salon in the world” Says Zurami. We invite everyone to stop in and see why we feel we already accomplished surpassed that goal.

Boca Tanning Club Brickell is located at 38 SW 8th Street, across the street from Brickell City Centre, in the Burger King Plaza. We recommend appointments for Airbrush sessions only. Clients are welcome anytime 7 days a week.